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I initially fostered Apollo when he was 5 weeks old from Big Dog Ranch Rescue. Apollo has assisted me through major losses and been my emotional support throughout my teenage and young twenties while dealing with the loss of my mother. Apollo was my often my reason to ‘get moving’ in the morning and get outside for a walk. While this may not seem like much, he has been a constant and steady factor in my life for the last 6 years. I owe it to him to take care of him as he has emotionally taken care of me.


Apollo began limping, cradling his right-front paw on Saturday (11/16/19) in the morning around 8 am. As soon as they opened, I brought Apollo in for a vet appointment with Dr. Zuber with Banfield. Dr. Zuber completed leg x-rays and an external exam. We received the preliminary diagnosis of Osteosarcoma from Dr. Zuber on Sunday (11/17/19).

We were immediately referred to Dr. McQuown, with MedVet. I scheduled for the earliest available appointment with Dr. McQuown on Wednesday, (11/20/19). We went to the scheduled appointment yesterday, Dr. McQuown completed a blood work-up and further x-rays to measure metastasis. We received the results, there does not appear to be metastasis in Apollo's lungs and his blood work returned normal. The normal treatment for a dog with Apollo's prognosis of Osteosarcoma is surgery to remove the affected limb. We have this surgery scheduled for Monday, December 2, 2019. Dr. McQuown told us about Dogslife.


We are hopeful based on the lack of metastasis and overall healthy blood work. This grant is extremely important to me because Apollo helped emotionally support me and my mother through her cancer diagnosis and treatments. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity from Dogslife to be able to support Apollo through his surgery and chemotherapy treatments.


Thank you for your support and we are forever grateful for your assistance.


- Breeze A. (November 2019)

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