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Ironically, Bono is named after my friend Michelle Bono, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2010. I met her by happenstance while I was trying to overcome a deep depression from my grandmother's, and another friend's, death from breast cancer.


Michelle Bono (Google her!) was an Olympic athlete - a champion Velo cyclist who was in Houston at the time (from Hawaii) getting treatment at MD Anderson. We became fast friends and unfortunately, she passed away just a few years after our meeting. I was so taken by her strength and courage that I named my new puppy after her. Hence the name Bono.


It's only fitting that such a great organization would become a part of Bono's story. God bless Dogslife and all that you do for others. I have four animals in total and all except for Bono are rescues. My household would just not be the same in her absence. 


Bono's tumor has been there for a while, and though I had it checked out multiple times in the past, I was always assured it did not look to be anything to worry about. Recently, it started to grow and change colors, so I took her in once again. Unfortunately, this time it was indeed something that could be life threatening if not handled correctly. 


As an educator, I do not make a ton of money and without Dogslife, Bono's treatment would cause significant financial strain. Regardless of the cost, she is my baby and I would have found a way. However, Dogslife took the anxiety and stress due to the financial burden away by providing us a grant for the cost of Bono's treatment. I am forever grateful.

- Tara J. (September 2020)

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