Pierre Brown

Pierre is the best dog I've ever known. He's a blessing to my family and loves to lick everyone, swim, chew on all toys and be with his girls.

I got Pierre when he was 8 weeks old. We have never been separated. We've been through good and bad times together. He goes everywhere I go. We have been to so many states together and he loves to go on car rides. When I noticed his leg forming a bump I took him to a vet and they didn't do much. 

They said it was benign and I let some weeks go before my gut told me to see another vet. I took him and they said it was cancer. It shattered my world because that's my boy and I can't lose him. I'm a single mom of two daughters who have never lived a life without him. And we just aren't ready. My oncologist told me about a program called Dogslife and I reached out for help. 

When they told me they would help my Pierre I was overwhelmed with joy knowing my boy will have a fighting chance. I couldn't thank you enough for what you're doing for my family. I could never repay you. Thank you so much- you saved our family. 

- Whispy Brown (June 2022)


Leo was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lymphoma on April 19, 2022. Because lymphoma tends to rapidly progress in dogs and is considered one of the most aggressive forms of canine cancer, Leo began treatment under the "CHOP" chemotherapy protocol the very next day, April 20th. The CHOP protocol involves giving the patient four different chemotherapy treatments administered over 4 consecutive weeks, with a break from treatment on week 5; this is then repeated 3 more times. A full course of treatment under the CHOP protocol therefore lasts a total of 20 weeks from start to finish and costs approximately $10,900. However, because of my condition, I am now permanently unable to work and receive monthly Disability Insurance benefits— but these are barely enough to cover my regular expenses. It was almost entirely from the support of my friends, family, and a private donor (for which I am eternally grateful) that Leo was able to undergo the first 4CHOP treatments—thereby complete the first cycle treatments.


I heard about Dogslife from Leo’s oncologist and one of the vet techs at her office when it first became apparent that I was struggling to find the funds to cover the cost of Leo’s treatment. Getting this grant allows me to make sure that Leo will get the full course of CHOP treatments, fulfilling the debt I owe him. So far, Leo has responded very well to treatment and is now expected to be in full remission. With this grant, a little luck, and a lot of love, Leo should remain in full remission with no detectable signs of cancer in his blood for at least another year.

- Patrick McMenamy (May 2022)

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