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I met Hyde at a no-kill shelter in Tennessee. I had moved to TN for college and had some extra time before a job interview and decided to stop by the shelter. Hyde’s adoption fees were 75% off because he had been there longer than any other dog in the shelter. He had been there for just over a year – since he was approximately six weeks old. He was the sweetest, calmest, most gentle dog in the shelter so it was hard to believe he hadn’t been adopted yet. I went back after the interview to apply and take him home.


March will be 11 years since I got to bring Hyde home. He moved back to East Texas with me after college and now to Houston for law school. He has been my best friend and support through many changes in my life. He has been patient with my work and school schedule and the best big brother to his four year old, five pound sister. They are best friends and she often curls up on his back as they nap.

I first noticed swelling on the outside of Hyde’s face just before Thanksgiving and received the biopsy results the first week of December. The tumor is growing aggressively, but Hyde’s spirit has remained steady. 

I graduate law school in May and will be home most of the day, every day, studying for the bar. This grant is giving me an opportunity to extend Hyde’s quality of life so I can give him all the quality of life so I can give him all of the quality time, love, and cuddles that he so very deserves.

- Lacey S. (January 2022)

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