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Kelvin was my first dog as an adult, and I could not have gotten any luckier with him. As a puppy, I signed him up for training classes, but he was so easy to train that we quit after 3 classes. Other than being a little on the chunky side, he has always been considered healthy. Not only has Kelvin been easy to raise, but he has also been my best friend as I matured into adulthood. Since having Kelvin, I have bought my first car. I also met and married my husband, who I knew was the one as I watched the two of them create the sweetest bond. We have bought a house and given Kelvin the yard he long deserved. And he even forgave me after bringing home another dog that he had to share everything with but now loves.


I knew something was wrong when Kelvin began limping from his front leg and it didn’t go away after a week or so. It then took three veterinarians two months, and quite a few pain pills, before they suggested it could be something other than arthritis. X-rays confirmed Kelvin had osteosarcoma in his shoulder and would need amputation to improve quality of life. We scheduled Kelvin’s surgery for the very next day, and he has been living a happier, tripawd life ever since. I have been in awe of Kelvin’s resilience throughout his healing process.

When we were presented with the option of putting Kelvin through chemotherapy treatments, I was hesitant because of the cost. But looking at his sweet innocent face and knowing the positive impact he has had on my life, I knew I owed it to him to try. Shortly after starting treatments, a coworker told me about Dogslife and how they were able to help her and her dog through the donations of amazing individuals. She talked about how the support of this foundation allowed her to focus on spending time with her dog instead of stressing about the financial burdens of treatments. I understood the financial stresses she spoke of and believed Kelvin was a worthy candidate for this grant.


When Dogslife called to give us the grant, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest. The peace of mind this foundation and their generous donors have given our family is indescribable. Thank you for seeing the worthiness in Kelvin and our family.

- Constance Bond (February 2022)

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