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Koby is the first dog our family has ever had. We were always hesitant to get a dog because we didn’t really know anything about having one as our mom had a bad experience with a dog previously and our dad had bad allergies and didn’t know how he would do with having a pet. However, one day, a family friend called us to let us know that one of their dogs just had a litter and asked if we would like one of the puppies! After much deliberation and back and forth, our mom and dad agreed to let us get one of the puppies! We had been discussing what to name him, but when our dad and sister went to pick him up he started calling him Koby – the name stuck! We didn’t really know how to train him or know too much about taking care of a dog, but we were excited for him to come home. He was such an energetic puppy and was so excited to play and be with us. We quickly fell in love with Koby, and he has become my parents' third child, our brother, and our best friend. He means so much to us and we can’t imagine life without him. He’s the first thing we all look for when we enter the house and can’t wait for his excited greeting and cuddles.


When we first heard that he had a lump on his neck, it was a shock and next a period of not knowing what to do or what would happen because he hadn’t really had any health issues. We are so grateful the veterinary staff noticed it but also sad that we didn’t catch it sooner.


We heard about Dogslife from one of the veterinarians who said we should give it a shot and apply for a grant. We can’t believe how amazing and generous the staff and team at Dogslife has been. We are so thankful because without Dogslife it would be very difficult for us to pay for Koby’s surgery. We are praying for Koby’s surgery to go well and that he can live a pain free and happy life for the rest of days.

-  John (August 2021)

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