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Kona Bartholomew Acosta means the world to me and my elderly mother and aunt. He is their constant companion, burglar alarm, and protector. He is my soulmate and best friend. He's been there for my family showing constant love and loyalty throughout many hard times we have felt. It's his gentle paw or sweet kisses that always makes even the worst days so much better and full of love. 


When we learned of his diagnosis we were all in shock and denial about what would happen. It took a while to accept that he would need a full leg amputation to remove a grapefruit sized soft tissue sarcoma from his right front leg elbow.


I had been placed on furlough with my job to due to COVID-19 closing down our business. The funds just were not there and with all the uncertainty of where this pandemic will lead us and when it may end, I was overwhelmed with worry. Kona’s oncologist knew of my financial situation and told me about Dogslife. I immediately felt a sense of hope. The process to apply for help was quick and they were very responsive. No stone was left unturned when learning about his medical history, diagnosis, and prognosis. It was one of the biggest blessings in my life that they selected Kona as a grant recipient. This funding will literally save his life. He is such an active and fun-loving dog and we are filled with immense happiness that he will live out the rest of this life cancer-free and in comfort.  


Thank you to Dogslife for doing the good work that you do. Most importantly, thank you to all the donors and volunteers who make the work possible. Your generosity is far-reaching and makes lasting impact in peoples’ lives. Because of you, families are kept whole.


- Paula A. (July 2020)

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