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Molly Vences

Years ago, I found Molly and her brother Balton in a truck yard. I had always wanted a dog and she soon became my best friend. Molly brought back joy after going through some difficult years of my mom’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. She also taught me how to be a dog mom, and I can now say I am going to be a great human mom because of her.

Molly is now a big sister to her new baby (human) brother, and I am looking forward to seeing their bond develop like Molly’s and mine. I rescued Molly from a truck yard, but she ended up rescuing me. I have learned to love dogs because of her and Balton, who is now in doggie heaven.

Molly has been my best friend through life’s hurdles and my companion. She never left my side during my entire pregnancy. Thank you, my Molly, for teaching me a different type of love and teaching me that love doesn’t need words, or a language and that loyalty is possible.I found out I was pregnant late in my pregnancy, I was nearly 5 months pregnant. We found out in January and then Molly was diagnosed in April with Lymphoma. I was due the beginning of May so when I found out about Molly, tears ran down my face and my world seemed to crumble. Although we were going through such a

happy, blessed moment, it was hard to feel joy when Molly was about to face such a difficult journey. I was glad and blessed to learn that there could be a possible treatment for a healthy, happy, and peaceful life.

I began doing research and finally found out about Dogslife online. I took a shot and applied, praying, and hoping Molly would be considered. This grant would bring back joy to our home, I’d be able to give Molly a second chance at enjoying life, like I know she does. This grant would allow Molly to get to know her little baby brother. Her treatment and this grant are doing just that. Molly is happy again, jumping, playing and taking care of her baby brother.

We are forever grateful for organizations like Dogslife who bring back happiness to our four legged angels.

-Daniela Vences (June 2023)

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