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My mom brought Polo home the spring of my 7th grade year. He was only three months old and 100% attitude. He came out of his shell in the next few days. We did everything together – our favorite things to do were watch SpongeBob and take naps.


I am now a senior in college. I found out Polo had cancer about a month ago and it broke my heart. I was crying for about five hours, it all seemed like a nightmare and I felt powerless. At first I tried accepting it but then I saw Polo fighting for his life and I wanted to do the same. So I began looking up organizations that would help people get care for their pets if they could not afford it and came across Dogslife.


Polo is my family, my best friend, and my heart. I would do all I can for him and this grant has allowed me to do that. The Dogslife grant has given him a chance to put his life in his own paws and fight for his life.

- Cierra Scott (June 2019)

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