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We have a lot to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving. Our beautiful 9-year-old fur baby Roxy was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma tumor back in September and it has been a whirlwind since. Her only hope of survival was to remove her hind leg. This was a heartbreaking decision. How were we going to afford it? How can she live without her back leg?

We were watching the news when the Dogslife feature came on and I immediately thought this is the answer to our prayers. I applied for the grant and when I heard back that we were approved, I just couldn’t believe that there are people that care enough to help in situations like this for our pets. What a true blessing! Now we had the financial support, now we can do the surgery... amputation for my poor baby. We had no idea what to expect. The veterinarians assured me she will do fine and adjust, and SHE is! It’s only been a few days and she is just as happy, sweet and sassy as ever! Roxy has big furry paws and she will bop you with those paws for attention. Her first night home from the hospital we snuggled up in bed and once in while she would bop me with those big paws. I let her know I am right here girl; you are home now.


We thanked the veterinarian and surgeon at MEDVET and DVSC for taking such great care of our girl but it would not have been possible without this great charity dogslife we cannot thank you enough. It is amazing how well she is getting around on only three legs and its hard seeing her without her leg, but it would been heartbreaking to have lost her to cancer.

We will be forever grateful and again Thank you so very much! Happiest Thanksgiving!!


- The King Family (November 2019)

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