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Star and Sport came to me at a time when my heart was broken. I had two poodles, Hoops and Speedy. One day, at the age of eight, Speedy had a massive heart attack and passed. Hoops and I were devastated. I found out about Star and went to meet her. I fell in love immediately when she started kissing my cheek as soon as I picked her up. I knew instantly that she was my baby. On the way to meet Star, my friend asked me if I would be happy with Star since she was not red (like Speedy) and I told her I would know instantly if she was the one and I did! I was not planning on getting a third dog, but then I met her brother, Sport. We were a family again, Hoops, Star, and Sport - and of course me. She is a cuddler, she sleeps right in my arms at night, loves to be held and fits in my arms perfectly. She is my soul dog and with Sport we have a perfect little family. She was the boss from the first day, but "allowed" Hoops to think he was until his last days. I feel joy when I walk in the door every single day.

Star began to have recurring UTIs and I was devastated when I found out it was cancer - she has been one of the most happy, energetic, strong, and non-stop, life-loving dogs I have ever had the privilege to have. I wanted to understand everything I could about her cancer, what were my options, what was best was for her? I reached out to a friend of mine who is a vet in Washington and had a very open and honest conversation. I reached out to a high school friend who just retired as a veterinarian and got her thoughts as well. After lots of conversation, prayers, and research, I decided to go to a local oncology hospital in DFW so it would be close and easier on her. The treatment plan she is undergoing gives her more time to live her life to its fullest. She is my little warrior and a daily reminder to appreciate life and enjoy it!


I was praying about the costs of her treatments and had decided to just focus on how blessed I was to have had her and enjoy every moment that I could with her. Every time I drop her off for her chemo treatments, it is hard, but when I pick her up, I find myself running across the parking lot to grab and hug her. The diagnosis is tough, but she does not seem to even know anything is different. She finds joy in everything she does! I would not trade her for any dog in the world, no matter what. She is my blessing. Sport (her brother) is so happy too and we all just love being together.

- Belinda L. (June 2021)

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