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About Us

dogslife uses donations to pay veterinary providers for the life-saving cancer treatments of selected beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries are selected through an application, then  interview process, which involves the applicant and the diagnosing vet. This process helps to gather information about the applicant, such as finances, as well as information about the pet, such as age, diagnosis, treatment recommendation, and quoted cost.

All applications received are reviewed and a determination of funding is made. We also work with local veterinarians in order to reduce costs.


Typical Canine Cancer Costs

The type and location of the cancer, as well as the size and age of the dog, are just some factors that can affect the cost of treating canine cancer. However, often times, these costs can quickly accumulate to very large and, for many, burdensome figures:

  • A typical chemotherapy session can cost a total of $200 or upwards, usually dependent on the cancer's location. The usual chemotherapy cost can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.


  • If the chemotherapy has to be combined with radiation therapy, the total cost can typically range between $2,000 and $6,000.

  • In cases where a major surgery to remove a tumor is required, the total cost can increase significantly.


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