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Tiger is the smartest and best dog we have ever owned, definitely the most spoiled. This is basically his house and he just lets us live here. LOL. We love Tiger like family. He IS part of our family. He means everything to us and can't think of life without him. 

We were devastated when they found the cancer - we thought life was over as we know it. However, my daughter found Dogslife and here we are. Six weeks ago Tiger couldn't even run because he was so sick. Now, after going through chemo treatments, he doesn't even act like he's sick. He is back to his old silly self - running, playing, and especially chasing trucks and lizards. It's hilarious as he knows exactly where each lizard is and goes to each spot causing the lizards to jump out everywhere. Too funny. And there's this one squirrel that aggravates him everyday. He waits for Tiger to come out so they can bark at each other. He is the funniest (he sleeps with all four legs straight up in the air) and kindest dog ever. Overall, he's a joy to watch and there's never a dull moment. 

Tiger's cancer treatment is going well and the cancer has shrunk way down! He's gaining weight back and looks great. We thank Dogslife from the bottom of our hearts. This organization is truly God's gift to us and our animals.

With all our gratitude - Love, 

- Betsy and Charles M. (July 2020)

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