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We found Annie on a busy highway when she was only about four weeks old. After bottle feeding her and raising her for a few months, it became evident that she was easy to love, incredibly captivating, and the perfect completion to our little family. She instantly became an integral part of our family. She has showed us what it means to truly love without condition and to be happy in all moments. We often say that her legacy is one of love and happiness. In October of 2023, worried she might have an abscess from being attacked by a neighbor dog, we took her to the vet only to find out that it was worse: she had canine lymphoma. As soon as we found out, we went straight into action to find all options that could help us proceed with helping her. We promised her that if she gave us a little bit of a fight, we would do everything in our power to give her more time. Ever since then, she has done a fantastic job of fulfilling her end of the deal and we like to believe we have done everything to fulfill ours. We found a trial for her to take part in that would give her treatment while also keep close monitor of her progress and went from there. Entering partial remission, we continually found hope week-after-week until the trial ended. With her making such great progress, it was hard to think about options that might come next should we not be able to help with her furthered treatment. Through everything, she has remained loyal, loving, happy, and as playful as ever.  

Annie is intelligent, kind, gentle, alert, and more than exceptional; not once has any of that ever waivered.


Upon the completion of her trial, we were given various options for treatment and instantly felt overwhelmed with the price. So, we began searching for ways to help with the daunting cost of care for one of the most valuable members of our family. We found Dogslife and knew we had to apply after reading all of the other dogs’ stories of success. We both work in the public school industry– as a third grade teacher and in high school sports. So, having the opportunity to be selected for a Dogslife grant has been a great deal. It has meant everything to take some stress off of an already delicate situation. The funding gives Annie the opportunity for crucial further treatment as well as a chance at life– a chance to be propelled into full remission with many more years of life. The opportunity to receive this grant is extremely compassionate in helping to preserve her immeasurable joy and love in our home while providing the medical care she deserves. It helps us do everything in our power to keep our promise to our sweet border collie without the fear of losing her solely due to financial restraints.

Taylor and Shana Willeford (February 2024)

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