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During his treatment and throughout the rest of his happy and adventure-filled life, my wife and I often reflected on how incredibly blessed we were to be in a financial position that enabled us to pay for the treatment that ultimately saved Maverick's life. However, we also knew that there were so many other parents of their own “Mavericks” who do not have the financial means to afford such treatment.

Recognizing that it’s unfair that any beloved dog should suffer from this terrible disease or that any caring dog parent should have to say goodbye to their loyal companion simply because of money, we set out to help those individuals save their dog’s life.

Matt Stone

Founder and Board Chair of Dogslife

Maverick Stone was a Scottish Terrier with a big head and an even bigger personality. He was a loyal best friend, an avid Dallas Cowboys fan, a world traveler, and a courageous cancer fighter and survivor.

Maverick was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma at the young age of six. After having surgery to remove the tumor and enduring several weeks of radiation treatments (which he handled like an absolute champ), we received the amazing news that his cancer was gone – he won his fight!

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