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Canine cancer treatment typically costs between four and eight thousand dollars.

6 million

dogs will be diagnosed with cancer this year alone


of dogs over the age of ten will be diagnosed with cancer

Often, canine cancer is survivable if caught early enough. It is important that your dog sees your veterinarian at least annually for a routine examination or sooner if you identify any of the following ten early warning signs of canine cancer as outlined by the National Canine Cancer Foundation:

early warning signs.JPG

Cost of Treatment

The type and location of the cancer, as well as the size and age of the dog, are just some factors that can affect the cost of treating canine cancer. However, often times, these costs can quickly accumulate to very large and, for many, burdensome figures.

The total cost of dog's cancer treatment typically ranges between $4,000 and $8,000.

In cases where a major surgery to remove a tumor is required, the total cost can increase significantly.

The cost of treatment can come as a shock to dog parents already struggling to come to terms with the diagnosis of their dog and create an impossible burden for them.

Help save a dog's life by alleviating this burden and allowing a family to enjoy their dog's unconditional love for years to come by donating today


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