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I am a vet tech and I adopted Lucy in 2015 after she was found on the streets with vaginal prolapse.  The shelter called the doctor I worked with at the time, to come and euthanize her.  Thankfully, the doctor took one look at Lucy and told her that she had more to do in life, and refused the service, took her, healed her and after one misplaced home, she ended up with me.  I give Dr. Boeving credit for mine and Lucy's life.

Since 2015, Lucy has done so much for my mental health, and she literally has no idea. She's just always all smiles and full body wags.  She had a lot o her own mental health issues that we spent a lot of time working on, and every single obstacle that she has come across, she has conquered.  I get the chills just thinking about it.  I think my most prideful thing about her, though, is that she was a blood donor, and gave extra time to multiple pets and their families.  But honestly, I'd need a whole book to write out all of her accomplishment that I've been proud of in the short 9 years we have been together.

I consider myself lucky to be a vet tech at one of the only emergency and specialty centers in DFW. With the knowledge that I have, I feel as though I was able to catch

the abnormalities in Lucy very early.  In June 2023, Lucy became unsteady and acted mentally inappropriate every now and then for only short periods of time, but I knew something was wrong.  After a few diagnostic tests, we found out she had insulinoma.  Which was causing her blood glucose to be in the 30-40s.  She was started on prednisone and still coming home to her being hypoglycemic.  


Not long after this, we got the most amazing oncologist, Dr. Bourne, to our hospital, and she got Lucy on a treatment plan with oral chemo.  Lucy has been rocking her life ever since!  Her glucose stays in the 80-90s and one time it was even 102! Her weight is back on her!  She is totally off prednisone and all of the side effects from prednisone have resolved.  

I am so thankful for Dogslife for being here and helping me with sky rocketing bills and taking some of the stress off my shoulders as I worry about keeping my girl as happy and healthy as possible for as long as possible.  There are no words for how grateful I am for everyone who has stepped up to help my girl and me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

-Mandy Watson (March 2024)

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