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Blush is more than just a dog to us, she is family. I rescued her very pregnant mother off the urgent list at our local shelter and days later she gave birth to Blush and her siblings. Blush was the last born and was not breathing. I helped her take her first breath. I knew from that moment she was special - we have been inseparable ever since.

Blush has been my constant partner. I taught her to play agility, and we have spent countless hours learning and playing the sport together. Every activity I have presented to Blush, she has embraced with enthusiasm. She lives to play and to please, and we have had many adventures together hiking, swimming, playing various dog sports, and just enjoying life to its fullest. We are inseparable. She has even gone to work with me her entire life. She's been with me through hard times as well as good.

One evening while petting Blush, I felt lumps where her lymph nodes are. My heart sank as I knew in my heart what I had found. Over the next few days, my fears were confirmed - Blush was diagnosed with Lymphoma and had only weeks to live if left untreated. We were devastated. With our family going through unusually hard times, I was placed in the very difficult position of not being able to afford to save my very best friend.


As I was discussing with her oncologist how I could possibly afford to get Blush the treatment she so desperately needed, her oncologist mentioned Dogslife and what they do for people and pets like us. I began to feel hope again and contacted them to see if they could help. The compassionate folks at Dogslife were wonderful to work with, and because of them, Blush is getting the treatment she needs and is still here with us today. ​

Thank you so much Dogslife for allowing us the opportunity to save my best friend.

- Heather M. (November 2020)

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