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Bones is like a child to me and a brother to my girls. We got Bones a little over three years ago from my sister a few months before we lost her to Lupus. While he's here, it's like a part of her is still with us.


We got the diagnosis of his osteosarcoma in January 2023. I heard about Dogslife through MedVet Dallas after they told going to cost to give Bones any kind of quality of life and I asked them if they knew of anything or anyone that could help my pay for his treatment.


This grant means the world to me and my girls. It means we get more time to spend with him and it helps us give him some of the comfort back to him that he's given us over the years.


We can't thank Matt Stone & the rest of Dogslife enough for helping us give our furbaby a better quality of life. 

-Christina Benson (February 2023)

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