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When we were looking to adopt a dog in 2019, we spotted Cleo on the website of a local organization and knew we needed to meet her. When we attended the adoption event, other dogs were out and about, exploring the area and meeting potential adopters. We looked for Cleo and spotted her in the back of her kennel, clearly very nervous about all of the activity going on around her. We knew immediately that she was the dog for us. It took a while for her to get comfortable, but now we can't imagine our lives without her. She has bursts of energy, wanting to run and play with us or other dogs, but is just as happy snoozing and relaxing on the couch (or under our bed, her favorite spot). 


When we noticed a new lump on her paw, we took her to our vet, and she was diagnosed with a sarcoma. We knew we wanted to do whatever we could to keep her healthy and happy, but that treatment of course comes at a cost. A coworker told us about Dogslife, and we applied right away for funding for part of her treatment. The grant has given us so much peace of mind and allowed us to focus on her recovery. We are so grateful for Dogslife!

Annie Black and Taylor Lindner (August 2023)

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