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My husband and I saw Cooper at the Erath County Humane Society and knew he was meant to be ours. We had only had a few minutes to meet him but then had to return to work. We went back the next morning to adopt him and he was gone! Someone else was fostering him. We were really sad but a few days later they called and said he was back! There were a few people interested in him and the first person to be at the shelter in the morning was the person who had the chance to adopt him. We got up at 4am to go sit in front of the shelter until they opened at 10am. Cooper was well worth the wait. We were able to adopt him and couldn’t have been happier.

Cooper is an incredible dog. He is so friendly and sweet, adventurous and energetic but also loves to snuggle and hang out with you. He has a hilarious personality and makes friends with every person he meets. He brings so much joy into our home and our life.

Learning that Cooper has lymphoma was absolutely devastating. We felt helpless knowing that we couldn’t afford the best treatment for our best boy. Our incredible oncologist at Veterinary Specialists of North Texas told us about Dogslife and encouraged us to apply. I am so thankful she did.


Receiving this grant means everything to us! It gives us more time with our best friend, time that we would not have had otherwise. We cannot thank Dogslife enough for the gift they are giving us.

-Kristina & Andrew Brock (March 2024)

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