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The fall of 2022 was a challenging time in the Critchlow family. In August, we noticed a small lump on Finley’s left carpal joint. Our family veterinary treated Finley’s lump with anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the swelling. In October, when the swelling did not subside our veterinary aspirated the lump, and the biopsy came back positive for a Mast Cell Tumor. Two weeks later the family’s matriarch Shannon, after a routine mammogram, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was at this point everything changed for our family. In October, Shannon began her own personal journey to beat breast cancer. Our boy Finley proved to be one great therapy dog during this time supporting and comforting Shannon during her recovery from surgery as well as radiation treatments. We our happy to share, Shannon as of December 2022, is now cancer free!


At the end of November of 2022, we were referred to the VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic in Dallas to establish Finley’s treatment plan. The recommended plan required surgery to remove the mast cell tumor and a series of radiation treatments. Like many pet parents without pet insurance, the treatment plan costs were well beyond our means.

We like many others at this point began our own search for financial assistance to help pay for Finley’s lifesaving treatment plan. It was after we received two declines, one of ADC's awesome team members suggested we contact Dogslife for financial assistance.  In January 2023, we were blessed to receive the much needed and appreciated grant from Dogslife to assist with Finley’s lifesaving cancer treatment plan. The grant allowed us to support our beloved Finley in his own time of need, saving the life of our own therapy dog but keeping our promise to always take care of him, no matter what.

We are very grateful to be a beneficiary of Dogslife’s generous and compassionate grant. Dogslife mission has given yet another dog the opportunity to beat cancer and continue to live a life all dogs deserve, a life free from cancer.

Finley’s surgery is scheduled for January 18, 2023, and we are hopeful this life saving treatment will allow Finley many happy years in the future to continue his role as our own pet therapy dog!

- Jeff and Shannon Critchlow (January 2023)

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