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My wife found Jackie on a rescue website. I went to meet her and it was love at first sight for us both. She rose up on her hind legs and gave me kisses. I sat down at a picnic table and she jumped on it to give me more kisses. Two weeks later I returned to pick her up. She was pressed against my side for the entire one and a half hour ride home. She means the world to us. After over 8 years we love her just as much or more than the first day.

We noticed Jacking losing weight and her abdomen seemed bloated. Our vet did bloodwork and an x-ray.  We were referred to a veterinary specialist. We were told they were 90% sure it was cancer and that we would get results in a few days.  While sitting in front of the pharmacy, an angel started speaking to me. Her name is Sandy Scoggins. She told me it was lucky day.  Now being told that my beloved pet probably has cancer doesn't really seem like a lucky day to me, however, in effect it as because Sandy told me about a wonderful organization called Dogslife. 


The kindness and generosity of the folks at Dogslife is so refreshing. Without their assistance, we would have been hard pressed to pay for Jackie's treatment. To give her a chance, to prolong her life, is not something we take lightly. We are spending every minute we can with Jackie and are eternally grateful to Dogslife for their help. 

-Kenneth & Beatrice Armstrong (February 2023)

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