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Jade is like my daughter. Although I do not have human kids, I consider her my child. If she hurts, I hurt. She loves to jump onto me and be rubbed endlessly. She either wants to sunbathe outside or be curled up next to me sleeping. If I am doing homework or watching tv, she sits laying over my lap or next to me with her paws crossed like a lady. When I come home, she is so excited and all the stress from the day goes away because I know she loves me unconditionally.


When I found out that Jade was diagnosed with cancer, my heart broke. She has always been so happy and healthy. Since I found out about her diagnosis, I cannot help but search her eyes to see if she is in pain. I have always needed Jade, but now she needs me. I heard about Dogslife on the internet after many weeks of endlessly looking up her diagnosis, treatment, funding options, and basically anything I could find related to her illness. I spent weeks on end searching relentlessly for every and any avenue to help find a solution. I even read through Veterinary School websites in search of clinical testing for dogs with her same diagnosis. I honestly do not recall how I came across the article about Dogslife, but I immediately applied for a grant.


This Dogslife grant means so much to me and even more to Jade because without the grant she would not have the opportunity to have this surgery.

I am a full time MBA student and do not make nearly enough money to pay for even a fraction of her procedure. What I do know is I would not have given up, nor will I, in my attempts to save her life. She is worthy and deserves a chance to overcome this. How could someone not go to the ends of the earth for who they call their child? Because of this grant, Jade gets a chance to live a longer, happier, healthier life. I can honestly say if it were not for Dogslife, Jade would not have the hope she has today. I get more time with my best friend. I cannot imagine not having her in my life; she is my better half. To everyone else she may be just another dog, but she is everything to me. I tell her everyday how lucky and special she is and by the way she looks and paws at my hand I know she is just as grateful as I am to Dogslife for giving her another chance.

- Ashley Carerra (May 2022)

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