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Like all of my dogs throughout my life, Jasper is one of my “kids”.  He minds so well, and gives me countless hours of entertainment and tail-wagging.  Watching him “tree” squirrels and roll in the grass just melts my heart.  Jasper also makes me feel safe because I am partially disabled, and he watches the property and stays close by.


Jasper was a stray puppy found on a cold, rainy highway in January.  We had lost one of our “babies” the previous month, and we were looking for a new furry friend.  It was love at first sight when we adopted Jasper.  He was irresistible and fit in with our family right away.  He was instantly friendly to all of our animals, even our chickens!  As a pup Jasper was lanky and bit accident-prone, but he has grown into a strong, beautiful, brindle boy!


We had Jasper for less than a year when I found out I had breast cancer.  The cancer eventually metastasized and I have been in treatment ever since.  Finances have become very tight, and when we found out Jasper had osteosarcoma, my heart just sank.  I knew we couldn’t pay for his chemotherapy AND mine.  I desperately searched the internet and finally found Dog’s Life.  My application was approved for a grant and suddenly everything was looking up!



I cannot fully express my gratitude; Jasper is tolerating treatment well and he gets more time in this beautiful world.  I get more time with my precious Jasper, and we are so thankful to Dog’s Life and Jasper’s doctors for every single day!  We didn’t have to just throw in the towel – we are able to give Jasper a fighting chance and our hope has been renewed by the kindness of others and Jasper’s strong spirit!

Stephanie Murphy (August 2023)

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