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Kia has been my family dog since she was a puppy and my 2 sisters and I have grown up with her throughout the years. I am currently the primary financial caretaker/owner of Kia after my family was unable to continue providing for her. Aside from these life changes or transitions, myself and family have a deep bond with Kia and we are not ready to say goodbye yet.

Kia is very playful, loves cuddles, and can be a little sassy at times. She is very expressive but a bit shy when meeting new people. She is also protective of her family and loves to be the princess of the house!  Kia loves jerky treats, anything with peanut butter, strawberries and blueberries (but needs the  blueberries to be popped because she doesn’t like when they burst). Kia also loves her stuffed lambchop chew toy, and any rope toy to play tug of war. Kia’s favorite activities include chasing bunnies, running laps in the backyard, eating snacks and cuddling. Kia also LOVES Christmas and opening gifts. 

Although Kia has this diagnosis, she is still very playful and energetic, and maintains a healthy diet and active life----which makes us very hopeful she is strong enough to beat cancer and recover well after surgery and chemo. 

Lorraine Aquije (October 2023)

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