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My husband and I purchased Kisses from the North Richland Hills Animal Shelter in 2019.  Kisses was three years old, she was perfect for our family.  I lost my sweet husband to cancer in April 2020 and Kisses has been my emotional support.  When I am crying, she comes up to sit in my lap and gives me kisses, and after I feed her, she always comes to me and gives me a "Thank You" kiss.  

When I found out about Kisses' lymphoma in December 2023, I was absolutely devastated. I cried constantly for over a week and still have my moments.  I love Kisses so much.

I was told about the grant by a receptionist at Veterinary Specialists of North Texas while we were talking about lesser options for treatment as I could not even begin to afford to start treatment.  I am retired and on a very limited income, so when the receptionist mentioned a possible grant, I immediately applied.  The grant has been funded and there is money to help Kisses get her treatment.  This means so much to me.  I pray that I will have many more years with my sweet Kisses.

Thank you so much. 

Linda Theurer (January 2024)

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