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Leonidas is extremely important to me.  I am a disabled veteran of the USMC, I have been diagnosed with Severe Depression and Anxiety, PTSD and  Vertigo. Leonidas is my service dog and we have a very special bond; Leonidas has saved my life a couple of times. Whenever I'm in a bad-way, Leonidas recognizes it  and becomes extremely hyper and he is in my face, he can sense when I am in a bad way. Leonidas is my best friend and is very special to me.  When I am having an anxiety attack, he will touch me, putting his paw or his nose on me, which makes me calm. When I'm having a bad dream, he will wake me up by barking.

Leonidas has taught me to love and care unconditionally,  I understand Leonidas’ language and he understands my language.

When I found out that Leonidas had cancer, I had an anxiety attack, I was scared, afraid and overwhelmed with sadness and anger.  I could not believe this was happening! I heard about Dogslife from several technicians at True Companion Animal Hospital and & the Woodlands Animal Cancer Center. The Dogslife grant has been everything to me, my Leonidas has a chance to continue to be my best friend.  I love Leonidas.


-Carlsby Brown (April 2024)

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