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I met Max through a close friend who had adopted Max knowing that I would take Max into my home. He was 8 weeks old, so he was just a puppy. Max means the world to me - he is more than just a pet, he's family. I love and spoil my dog and he even has a spot on the bed that belongs to him. 

I discovered Max's diagnosis at our vet hospital. Max was getting his nails trimmed when one of the ladies who works at All About Pets told me.


I took Max to Animal Diagnositc Clinic and Dr. Erin Roof told me about dogslife. Dr. Roof was so amazing in telling me about dogslife and how Max might be a good candidate. To this day, I thank her for informing me about this great organization.   


This grant means a lot to me because it is a start to the road to recovery for Max. I struggle financially and therefore I am incredibly grateful for the financial help that Dogslife is providing. Max and I are truly appreciative.  

- Gonzalo T. (April 2020)

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