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Mika’s story is pretty phenomenal because she will be beating death three times in her short, but full life. Her story starts with me seeing her picture on the Denton Humane Society adoption Facebook page on Valentine’s Day 2013. I followed her for a few days and posted on the page that I was interested in her but hesitant. On the last day she was available for adoption, I finally decided to go get her before she was euthanized. When I posted on the page that I wanted her and was on my way, I was informed that she was taken. While I was happy that she was saved, I was sad it wasn’t by me. A short time later, I got a private message on Facebook from someone in the same Facebook group that said she had been following the group chat and my posts and knew that I was going to decide to get Mika so she went and got her for me and she would bring Mika to me once she was completely vetted. My heart burst with happiness. I was speechless and so grateful for this guardian angel that brought Mika into my life.


When she brought Mika to me, I was informed that Mika was heartworm positive and would need continued care and would always need to be on heartworm preventative for the rest of her life. No problem - I could handle that because I knew Mika was special. I showed everyone around so they could all see Mika’s home. I knew the adoption fee was $300 and I had it ready to give back to Mika’s guardian angel, but she wouldn’t take it. She said that she could see that she made the right choice and Mika would have a good home.

From that day on, Mika has been the center of my world. She means everything to me, and I would do pretty much anything for her because she is my child. I can’t have children, so I have Mika and she is all I need. About two years ago, Mika started to show signs of skin problems. Originally, she was diagnosed with skin allergies and was put on various medications. After taking Mika to several different veterinary clinics, one FINALLY let us know that it might not be allergies. The doctor decided to take a biopsy which came back with a diagnosis of cancer.


By this time, it had grown quite a bit with tumors and lesions having developed and the area affected being too large to allow for surgery or dermatology intervention. Our only option was oncology. That is how we found our saviors, dogslife. Without their help, Mika would not have a fighting chance because the expense of the treatment was simply more than we could afford. Treatment for humans is expensive even with insurance so you can only imagine how expensive oncology treatment is for a helpless dog, especially with no insurance! We are so thankful that she will be able to get the treatment she needs and will be able to live a happy life. This grant means everything to us and there are really no words to show how grateful we are. We hope that one day we can repay the kindness that Dogslife has shown us and help them raise money to help others in a similar situation.

- Lisa G. (February 2020)

UPDATE: In September 2022, over two and a half years following Mika's first Dogslife grant, Mika's cancer returned. The generosity of Dogslife's donors has allowed us to provide an additional grant to Mika so she can get the treatment needed and continue to bless the lives of her family!

This is the second time Mika is being treated for cancer. We first found out she had cancer when the pandemic rst hit and we were devastated because we didn’t know what we were going to do. We were blessed with a grant from Dogslife and Mika began her treatment, which was very aggressive and hard on her. It’s been hard on all of us, but especially Mika because her health deteriorates during treatment and her fur falls out where she gets the radiation. It’s hard to see her weak and tired when she used to be full of energy and bouncy, but we know that after it’s all said and done she will be back to her normal self and happy again.

We were very grateful when we found out we were granted additional funding from Dogslife for Mika’s new round of treatments. Without the grants we have received Mika wouldn’t have gotten the treatment she needs and we wouldn’t have a very important part of our family with us here today. When we got the news that Mika’s cancer came back and she needed more radiation we were saddened but hopeful because her prognosis was good and after speaking with her oncology team our major concerns about the toll it was going to take Mika were alleviated. Mika has had one treatment and she is doing good so far.

I would love to tell the donors how much they are appreciated and how much their donations help people like us, who wouldn’t have had a chance to give our dog the treatment she needed without their generosity. The donors are truly angels on earth for helping dogs in need in times like these and giving them a chance at life. I know a lot of people don’t just see their pets as that, but as valuable parts of their family, like we do. We can’t have children so Mika has become our child, as do all the dogs we adopt. They are way more than pets because they bring so much into our lives. Mika is family and very important to us so thank you for helping her!

- Joe and Lisa G. (September 2022)

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