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We adopted Mo August 18, 2018 from the shelter. He spent 111 days there. The shelter posted a video of him, and, after we saw it, we went to the shelter looking for him. We wanted the dog no one else did!


Mo means the world to our family. He is not just a pet, he is a family member. He brings us happiness and laughs. He brings us love. It is always unconditional. Mo is only six years old and has always seemed so healthy. So, when we noticed his lymph nodes were enlarged and took him to the vet on September 20, 2021, we were devastated with his lymphoma diagnosis. We immediately made an appointment at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists and took the first appointment available. They were, and continue to be, wonderful. Our nurse told us about Dogslife as we sat there in tears trying to figure out how we could possibly pay for the treatment Mo needed. We applied right away and there really are no words to describe getting the news that Mo was the recipient of a $5,000 grant for his treatment. This will allow Mo to have all the necessary treatment and remain with us for a long while longer so he can continue to share the joy he gives to our family. 


- Cheryl and David F. (November 2021)

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