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We had gotten Nate from a pet shelter approximately 12 years ago. What really amazed us at that time was when we first walked into the shelter at the kennel area where he seen me and was so excited as if he had known me already. So, I asked one of the techs if Nate had already been spoken for, she checked and said "no", so we immediately asked her if we could get him. We were then put into the acquaintance area with him and noticed that he was a very intelligent dog. He went to the gate and unlocked it with His nose and waited for me to approach him as if to say, “Let’s go home now!’

Nate showed us that he really liked the outdoors. On long hikes I would unleash him and let him take the lead and he would run ahead of us first for about 25-30 yards before coming back to us to let us know it was all clear. These things along with his affection really gave us a tight bond with him.

Through the years while doing a lot of physical activities with him we’ve noticed a lot of decline in his energy, so we had him checked out more closely by his veterinarian and found out he had some issues with tumors, at which point he was sent to a Oncologist in Dallas where they diagnosed him with cancer. Since then, his medical bills have been so much of an issue for us being that we are both retired and are on fixed income. We really didn’t want to deny any needed medical care for him so we asked the staff at his oncology office if there was any way of seeking some kind of financial aid. That’s when they told us about Dogslife program.

Having the financial assistance means so much to us as retired individuals but, more than anything else, our Nate will be having the proper medical care with his issues thanks to Dogslife.

- Al and Pearl (November 2022)

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