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Pierre Brown

Pierre is the best dog I've ever known. He's a blessing to my family and loves to lick everyone, swim, chew on all toys and be with his girls.

I got Pierre when he was 8 weeks old. We have never been separated. We've been through good and bad times together. He goes everywhere I go. We have been to so many states together and he loves to go on car rides. When I noticed his leg forming a bump I took him to a vet and they didn't do much. 

They said it was benign and I let some weeks go before my gut told me to see another vet. I took him and they said it was cancer. It shattered my world because that's my boy and I can't lose him. I'm a single mom of two daughters who have never lived a life without him. And we just aren't ready. My oncologist told me about a program called Dogslife and I reached out for help. 

When they told me they would help my Pierre I was overwhelmed with joy knowing my boy will have a fighting chance. I couldn't thank you enough for what you're doing for my family. I could never repay you. Thank you so much- you saved our family. 

- Whispy Brown (June 2022)

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