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Today's feature grant recipient is Jake! Tyler, a Marine veteran, was a full-time medical student at UT Southwestern when he rescued eight-week old Jake, and the two spent every minute together when Tyler wasn't in school. "I grew to love him more every day we spent together," Tyler told us.

Jake was diagnosed with lymphoma in November 2020, just two months shy of his 5th birthday. Jake's vet explained that there were treatment options that would save Jake's life, but they would cost around $7,000. Without the treatment, Jake's vet said he only had about six weeks to live. As Tyler was out of work due to the pandemic, he wasn't sure how he would pay for the treatment. Jake's vet and oncologist both suggested that Tyler reach out to Dogslife and apply for assistance for Jake's treatment.

Tyler applied to almost fifteen foundations across the US in an effort to do whatever he could to help Jake. Most foundations responded that they weren't able to provide financial assistance due to a lack of funds as a result of the pandemic. Dogslife was the only foundation Tyler applied to that was able to approve a grant to cover the cost of Jake's treatment - a big thanks to our generous donors!

Jake celebrating his 5th birthday in January 2021 and looking forward to many more after receiving his Dogslife grant!

Jake completed chemo in March 2021 and visits his oncologist monthly for rechecks. Today, almost twelve months after his initial diagnosis, Jake is cancer free!

Jake and his dad, Tyler, on Jake's last day of chemo!

Since completing his chemo treatments, Jake has been busy playing ball at the park and going on camping trips with dad. Jake and his dad also attended Dogslife's 2nd annual Miles for Mutts race in June. The two participated in the fun run and got a chance to meet Sydney, another Dogslife grant recipient. Tyler reports that Jake is happy and doing well!

The North Texas Giving Day campaign will conclude on September 23rd. Our goal is to raise $25,000 in order to secure our match provided by Meridian Veterinary Real Estate. Don't forget, your donation will be matched dollar per dollar. One gift + double the impact! Will you consider a donation to help more people and pets like Tyler and Jake?

Donate today and help save a dog'slife!


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