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My Precious became a very important member of the family, she is my little child, she loves us unconditionally. I will do anything for her to be happy all the time. When I discovered her diagnosis it was very shocking for me and the family, I was very depressed because I could not see my life without her. I started doing a lot of research to help her have a good outcome, I finally found a veterinary hospital where they made me feel better and help Precious to feel comfortable.


The veterinary staff were very kind and helpful since I could not afford the treatment Precious needed, they gave me information on Dogslife and I applied right away.

After I applied, they called me to give me the big news about being approved for the grant!  I cried and I prayed a prayer of thanks to all who donate to Dogsife.  It's thanks to them that Precious is having surgery and she will be by my side for many more years. I am very grateful for Dogslife.


Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart. 

-Mariela Hernandez (May 2024)

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