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My niece and I rescued Puddin in 2019. She was scared, underweight, was heart worm positive, and had seizures. She was found living in a field and was scared of the world. Our goal was to create an environment where she would flourish. Through lots of love, patience, and care we got her there. She has her best dog buddy Beaux, lots of people friends, and a sassy little attitude.😊 We were so happy to see her enjoying life!   

Then came the day when we found out Puddin had cancer. Not only were we heartbroken for us but more so for her. She just started living her best life. We wanted more of that for her but the cost of treatment was more than we could afford. Placing a value on Puddin’s life was agonizing.

A few years ago, a friend of mine became involved with Dogslife and I donated thinking what a great cause it was. Never thinking we’d be the ones that would need their help. I cannot tell you how wonderful this organization is. Without their help we would not have our little girl with us, today. We are so very thankful for the grant we received. Puddin is returning to that sweet and sassy little girl and we couldn’t be happier. Dogslife is literally a life saver.

-Mary Ann Nemeth (February 2023)

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