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When I met my Puppers, I was walking in a PetSmart Store and saw how my other dog went over to him and was interested in meeting him. So, I asked to foster him to make sure they get along. On the first night he was over I notice that he was acting weird. Not very playful but was just looking at stuff and sniffing around. Later on, during the day, when I took him out to use the restroom. He had worms. His fur was kind of falling out as well.  I told the rescue that he was not in the best health, and they assured me that he had all his shots and was dewormed. I asked for the records to verify, they could not get the records straight. I took upon myself to get him well. I told them to give him to me and I paid for all his medical treatment. Not only did he not have his shots, he had mange and kennel cough and had to have a removed from his leg. He has been my protector, a little brother to his brother puppers. He helps me find and get rid of any unwanted visitors being a rodent to people sneaking in my back yard. He always snuggles when he wants something or just for his belly rubs. He means the world to me. He provides me with comfort and stability to my life, when no one else cares, you know that he does.  


After I notice he had a sore in his nose, I took him to the vet. They wanted to do surgery. I wanted a second opinion. When I took him for second opinion, they also suggested surgery. I agreed. But they were so backed up his surgery was not schedule for serval months.


During the waiting, his sore had gotten so big that they could no longer do the surgery. After the biopsy, I was devastated they come back that he had cancer. I tried to get a hold of things and could not handle it to well that on one would assist unless through specialist. Which I could not afford. I cried and begged for help.  

I heard from the specialist of this grant organization. I took the chance in asking for assistance. When I got the call from Dogslife with the approval, I was so happy. Especially since I just got him out from an emergency surgery from stomach blockage. He needed a win for his long term care. To me he is still young and has a lot of good years left in his life.  

- James Fernandez (February 2023)

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