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A close friend of mine saw a dog get left in a busy parking lot, he was only about 6 months old.  She brought him over to my house and told me “I got you a dog!”.  At this time, in 2017, I had only lived in Texas for a short time after moving from Montana and away from almost everyone I knew.  Being young, single and working full time, I was worried about having a puppy and being able to give him everything he deserved.  I don’t think things could have gone any better!  Even with his puppy energy, he has only chewed up one flip flop and he seemed to already be potty trained!  He would only bark at sounds when I was home.  To this day, he can sleep the day away like it was his job.

After a few years, my mom who as in Mississippi moved in with me and brought her little dog.  Rowan has learned to help give my mom stability when standing up or help her when she is weak. He has been there for me after my dad passed away last year and he is being so strong with his illness.  He has not let his diagnosis impact his personality or sense of adventure!

He is my best friend and my family.  I want to give him the world and he deserves everything that might help him.  I am truly grateful for the oncologist for mentioning Dogslife because with this grant, we will be able to get him the help he needs.  Thank you!

Cassandra Pederson (February 2024)

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