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I received Sammy as a gift. When he was a puppy, Sammy, who was all of five pounds, was best friends with my ex-boyfriend’s 85-pound pit bull – they were inseparable. Since their size was so different, I had to treat them the same and disallow jumping up on my lap, otherwise I would have had an 85-pound dog on my lap. Sammy has always preferred his bed to laps anyway.


A few years ago, I lost my mother and brother within a year of each other. When I would have to drive to other states, Sammy was my calm and brought me peace. Playing with him kept me active when I really did not want to be.


This year, Sammy’s breath became very unpleasant despite having just had his teeth cleaned. Furthermore, he seemed generally uncomfortable, so I took him to the vet. Sammy’s doctor noted a large amount of swelling and said Sammy had an infection. Sammy’s swelling was treated with medication; however, the swelling was still there, spurring his doctor to run some additional tests. When the tests came back, my heart sunk – they indicated Sammy had lymphoma.


After I dried my eyes, I asked “now what?” As soon as I found out what needed to be done to save him, I started looking for help. I paid everything that I could with savings and credit, all the while having faith that the ground would rise up to meet me if I just kept going. I just started typing in the search bar, “funding, help, dogs with cancer”, anything! I came across some news articles that mentioned Dogslife. I knew I had to try and completed the grant application on the Dogslife website. By the grace of God, the ground rose up. My prayers were answered – Dogslife is paying all remaining treatment costs for Sammy!

Sammy’s treatment is working. The tumors have shrunk, and his oncologist thinks he is headed towards remission! This grant has allowed Sammy to complete treatment. Thanks to the financial help from Dogslife, Sammy has a heck of a shot of a long, happy life. I am filled with hope and gratitude!

- Lisa C. (March 2021)

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