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My dog, Squat, is my companion and best friend who gives me unconditional love. He is there for me when I am happy and he is there for me when I am sad or just lonely.

Squat woke me up by whining in the middle of the night, which not only scared me but really made me sad. I was concerned about the lumps on his neck and at how quickly they were growing since I had just discovered them a few days prior. I decided that night that I would run him to the 24-hour veterinary clinic by my house. They gave me the news and I was completely heartbroken especially since he is only five years old. When I asked what the options were, I was disheartened to learn the cost of the treatment Squat needed would be more than I would be able to afford on my own.


I learned about dogslife through the great team at VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic., which gave me hope. Receiving this grant gives me hope that my baby may survive this cancer and at the very least, give us more time together. You would have no idea that he is sick by the he acts and eats, so I feel like he has a lot more life in him and that it is not yet his time. We are so very thankful to be able to receive help for his treatment since it is very costly.

- Casey R. (February 2020)

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