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On July 31, 2020, I took Sydney into the vet because she seemed to be struggling more while walking. My assumption was that it was her arthritis progressing. I was wrong! She was pre-diagnosed with osteosarcoma, due to the rapidness of the limping and a growth on her front right leg. They sent her x-rays to a radiologist and I waited. Feeling overwhelmed I started doing a lot of research, trying to figure out what is the next step and the costs associated with it. That is when I came across Dogslife. Dogslife is one of the only organizations that I found that didn’t cut Sydney out because of her age or size. They take the time to review the case of the animal and then make the choice based on all the information. Of course, after the weekend I heard back from the vet and the radiologist confirmed their findings and I was referred to an oncologist.


I completed my application to Dogslife and I heard from them a couple days later asking some follow up questions. Gina (Dogslife Executive Director) made me feel at ease and understood how stressful of a time it is. After about two and half weeks I got the call that I received the grant. I can’t tell you what it means that they took a look at her diagnosis and are giving Sydney a chance to live without pain.

This diagnosis has been difficult, as I watched Sydney go from a slight limp to almost no use of her leg. Yet she still has an eagerness to life! She greats you with so much excitement and she will try to run, although she quickly decides “that was a bad idea.” I now have hope for her future and she will run in the sun again.

- Caitlin W. (August 2020)

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