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An update on KOBY!

*Questions answered from the perspective of Victoria, Koby's sister


Tell us a little about Koby. What makes him an important member of your family?

Koby is more than “just a dog”. He’s my brother and my best friend. Koby is an integral part of our family. Although he’s such a tiny creature, he’s the glue to our family. He’s there when we need someone to hug, he’s there to greet you after a long day, he’s there to always keep company, and he’s DEFINITELY there whenever food is around! Koby is the best companion we could ask for and everyone in the family loves him!

What went through your mind when you learned that you had been awarded a Dogslife grant to help pay for Koby's treatment. Where were you? How did you feel?

We were having a family get together when I first learned Koby had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I felt my heart drop and my eyes begin to puddle. I immediately thought of the worst, and feelings of fear surrounded me. I did not want to lose my best friend and our family couldn’t imagine what life without Koby would be like. We knew the cost to care for Koby would be significant, and with the struggles of the pandemic we weren’t sure if we would be able to afford the treatment he needed. When we found out we were awarded a Dogslife grant, I couldn’t believe it! I was immediately filled with so many emotions! We were absolutely ecstatic not just because we were going to be able to give Koby the treatment he needed, but because we were going to have Koby in our lives so much longer!

Tell us about Koby’s treatment.

Koby’s treatment involved many lab tests, follow up visits, scans, and of course the removal of the thyroid mass. During this time, Koby was very fatigued and weak. You could tell he wanted to play, but he was too tired to do so. The recovery process was tough for both our family and Koby. We never want to see our loved ones suffering. However, without treatment Koby would have been much worse. As time went by, Koby began to gain back his strength and has been doing great! He’s back to his old self and just as sweet as ever! He continues to enjoy his daily walks, loves the outdoors, wants to play every second he gets, and is always up for a snuggle.

Tell us about a favorite memory since Koby finished treatment.

November 2021, a few months after Koby’s surgery while he was still slowly recovering, was my dad’s 65th birthday and my uncle’s 75th birthday (this was also the same month as Koby’s birthday!). My Uncle Doug is one of Koby’s favorite people, so having my uncle here to cheer Koby up was a treat! It was a favorite memory of mine with Koby because it wasn’t just a celebration of a successful surgery, but it was also a celebration of being blessed with another year of life with Koby, my dad, and my uncle too! It was truly a month to be thankful for and probably one of the best Thanksgivings we have ever had. That week, Koby was surrounded by so many people who loved and supported him throughout his treatment. Despite him still being a bit weak during that time, you could tell he really enjoyed being with his favorite people.

Anything you’d like to say to the Dogslife family, board and/or staff?

Thank you SO much Dogslife family!!! Without you all Koby wouldn’t be as healthy and strong as he is today! Our family wouldn’t be where we are today either. Koby brings our family lots of joy and laughter. We can continue to experience that because of you all!

Your heart and generosity to help those with financial challenges be able to provide treatment for their adored furry friends is the biggest blessing! Koby is so much more than “just a dog”. He’s my best friend and my brother. Koby is the most loyal companion. He’s always there for my family and I, rain or shine. Even on his worst days (even while sick and recovering), he was still there for us. It is because of you all that we can continue to enjoy Koby’s presence. Cancer is awful and treatment is extremely expensive. Thank you for giving us a way to not have to choose between finances and saying goodbye. Because of you all, Koby’s life was saved!

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